Loving as God loved in Ferguson….

In my eighth year of teaching, I continue to see too many future adults with no drive, no work ethic, an attitude of something for nothing, and most importantly no focus on God and His love for us all. Students often look to put forth as little effort as possible just so they can get by or they have big hopes and dreams but lack the willingness to put in the time and effort to achieve those dreams. It so sad to see our world take this dark turn where our four fathers once worked for pennies a day just to feed their families and provide shelter to where so many are just lazy and want to put so little effort to get the greatest of awards. People need love and hope and something to live for. Look no further than those close to you and most importantly look to God.

To everyone in this country and in Ferguson, are you loving one another as God loved and still loves us? (John 15:12-14) Will fighting, looting, and rioting truly fix anything? What are you teaching the youth of our great nation? To fight for what you believe in? No, you are teaching them that if you don’t get want you want to act foolish and hurt innocent people and you will be noticed. How about teaching love, hope and forgiveness and hard work and effort brings rewards? What if instead of picking up a gun or brick, you pick up the Bible and educate yourself? Go to school and get a degree. Become a judge or lawyer and do something to change the laws that you are so against that you are willing to harm innocent people. If you dislike¬†your state or country so much, then move somewhere else. I pray that God protects the innocent people in Ferguson and throughout our country over the next few days. I hope that faith, hope and love will overcome the ignorance that is likely to be displayed after tomorrow’s announcement. God loves and blesses us all. Finally remember these words of the Bible: ¬†“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” -Ecclesiastes 12:13

K. Hooper